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AHI Membership Application

Thank you for your interest in joining AHI. Please fill out the form below to apply to AHI. After you submit the form, we will review the application and make a decision within a few business days. We will contact you if we have questions about your application. You will not be charged if your application is rejected.

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Membership Requirements You are required to give proof of 90 hours of accredited* education.

Please provide the name of your institute and certification number.
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Proof of inspection experience (minimum 25 inspections). Please explain below: (Additional documentation of experience may be required)

If you have plead guilty or no contest to, or been convicted of a felony within the past 7 years, or are currently charged with a felony please explain below. Otherwise leave blank.

(Applications are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. A conviction may not disqualify membership in AHI. Dues are refunded if membership is declined.)


*Accredited home inspection education refers to courses or classes taken from a home inspection training school that has applied to and been approved by AHI. An approved school must have a verified location and classroom that can be inspected; is authorized or licensed by its state post-secondary education governing body; is insured and bonded; has been in continuous operation as a home inspector school under the same ownership for at least the previous 10 years; is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau with a satisfactory complaint history; and employs instructors who hold valid home inspector licenses in the state(s) where the training is conducted. Verify that your training school is AHI-accredited if applying based on hours of education.

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