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North American Association of Home Inspectors

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AHI Code of Ethics

The following rules of conduct and ethics help maintain integrity and objectivity within the home inspection profession. In any instance where the AHI Code of Ethics and the law conflict, the obligations of the state law shall take precedence.


The home inspector shall

  1. Always act in good faith when dealing with a client.
  2. Not disclose the results of a home inspection to any other party without client approval.
  3. Not express an opinion unless it is based on fact, education, or experience.
  4. Not accept compensation from more than one interested party for the same service without the consent of all interested parties.
  5. Not accept commissions or allowances from other parties involved with the real estate transaction.
  6. Maintain truth in advertising, marketing, and promotion of services or qualifications.
  7. Not advise a client whether or not to buy a property after the home inspection.
  8. Immediately disclose any observed immediate safety hazards to occupants exposed to such hazards.
  9. Comply with any inquiry or compliance requirement by a state home inspector regulatory body.
  10. Not aid or assist another in the violation of this Code of Ethics.


The home inspector shall

  1. Perform an inspection that is substantially in compliance with the AHI Standards of Practice.
  2. Enter into a written agreement with the client prior to the inspection that includes the scope of the home inspection, listing the components and systems to be inspected along with limitations and exclusions.
  3. Inspect all items that fall within the scope of the home inspection
  4. Submit a written report to the client within 2 business days that

a. describes inspected systems and components;
b. reports any items deemed significantly deficient;
c. states why items were deemed significantly deficient;
d. discloses items within the scope that were not inspected and the reason.


The home inspector shall

  1. Prior to the inspection, disclose in writing to the client any personal interests that may affect the client;
  2. Not allow any personal interest to affect the quality of the results of a home inspection;
  3. Provide additional services to the client only after securing the written consent of the client in a separate agreement that includes a written statement of the services intended and how such additional services may conflict with the home inspection services provided.

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