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North American Association of Home Inspectors

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AHI Membership Benefits

Affordable Membership
AHI membership will help you promote your services and grow as a professional in the home inspection industry. For a low annual membership fee of just $289 for the first year and only $149 thereafter, AHI annual membership is considerably less than other professional associations for home inspectors, while providing the essential member services that are listed below.

Find an Inspector Referral Service
The home inspection business is driven by referrals, so AHI offers a free Find Inspector service for members. When a potential client requests an inspector for a certain location, AHI matches the geographic location with its member database, allowing the client to find an AHI inspector in his or her area. A special page allows the client to either email the AHI inspector, call, or visit the inspector's website, depending on the member's contact preferences.

Member Website
AHI members receive an easy-to-use website control panel where members can create their free website hosted on AHI's server. Quickly and easily list your business online, highlighting your professional membership. Use your AHI webpage to promote your business or serve as a portal to another website. AHI members receive this service free of charge.

Continuing Education Hours
AHI provides access to a continuing education course free of charge for members. This continuing education, provided by an AHI-accredited training provider, meets the AHI membership renewal requirements and adds to your credentials. In some states, AHI's continuing education course will meet the requirements to renew your home inspector license.

Report Verification Certificate
AHI will review up to five home inspection reports submitted by an AHI member in good standing, in order to verify that the reports are substantially-compliant with the AHI Standards of Practice. Upon approval, AHI will issue a Certificate of Report Compliance, that a member can present to any state agency that requires it for licensure.

Member Business Cards
Generate free, personalized AHI member business cards to present to clients, Realtors and other business prospects using easy, step-by-step instructions. These professionally designed cards use the popular Avery business card template 8371. Business cards can be personalized and printed from home at no additional cost.

Advertising and Marketing
AHI members have full access to the AHI member logo for use on business cards and advertising material. A print-quality logo is also available for use by professional printers. If clients or Realtors have questions, direct them to the AHI web site or have them contact AHI to verify member-in-good-standing status or to acquire information about AHI Membership Standards. In addition, members are authorized to reproduce copies of the AHI Standards of Practice and the AHI Code of Ethics to distribute to clients or include with home inspection reports..

Member Certificate
AHI MemberOnce the AHI membership requirements have been fulfilled, you can download and print your official AHI Membership Certificate. This high quality, professional certificate is suitable for framing and states the member's name, membership number and confirms that the bearer is a member in good standing. Displayed at your place of business, an AHI Membership Certificate is an assurance to clients that you are a professional home inspector who takes your career seriously.

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